Company History:

Shahab Demir Industrial Manufacturing Company is a producer of various air, oil, diesel, water separator, and hydraulic filters in Iran under the trademark "Unique Filter." The construction phases of the company's factory began in 1388 on a 15,000 square meters land in East Azerbaijan province, and in 1391, its production line was launched, presenting its initial products to the market. The second phase of this company, covering an area of 36,000 square meters, was inaugurated in the year 1400.

Work experience+10 Years
Customer+500 businesses
Team users+30 Experts
Services+10 Services

Achievements of the Company:

This company, utilizing advanced and up-to-date equipment and machinery in its production line, along with the use of high-quality and first-grade raw materials, and benefiting from a skilled and experienced workforce, as well as consulting services from international experts, has successfully collaborated with key players in the economic sector. Notable collaborations include partnerships with major automotive companies such as Tabriz Tractor Manufacturing, Saipa Diesel, Mayan Diesel (Mammut Group), Shayan Diesel, Arya Diesel, and Behman Automotive Group. With these factors, the company has managed to become one of the prominent manufacturers in the heavy-duty and industrial vehicle filter production industry in the country in a relatively short period. Furthermore, its products are exported to neighboring countries and some other nations. In total, the company has the capability to meet a significant portion of the transportation and industrial filter needs in the country. In this regard, one of the recent successes of the company is the establishment of technology and production of ECO FILTERs, as well as the production of various filters used in heavy industries, making it one of the first domestic producers in this category of filters in the country.

Prospects of the Company:

Given the significant progress of Shahab Demir Industrial Manufacturing Company (Unique Filter) in just a few years, some of its most important objectives include efforts to make the country self-sufficient in the production of various filters for heavy-duty and industrial vehicles. This is aimed at reducing the reliance on importing such filters. Other key objectives involve maintaining the quality of its products to meet global standards and focusing on the qualitative capacity to create new markets in the Middle East, CIS region, and East Asia.