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Air Dryer Filter: Filteration of the Wind System of Heavy Vehicles

Create date:03-09-2023
One of the basic sections in heavy vehicles is the wind system of these vehicles, which is used in their brake system, height adjustment system,
 clutch system and cabin suspension system. 
Considering the sensitivity and extensive performance of the wind system of heavy vehicles, the correct and uninterrupted operation of this
 system is vital and important for a car. The air dryer filter ​​is the filter of the car wind system, which is responsible for absorbing and
 separating water vapors and other tiny particles in the wind systems of heavy vehicles.

What are the characteristics of a good air dryer filter?

  • High absorption of water vapor
  • High casing strength
  • The presence of silica-gel


Moisture absorption mechanism of air dryer filter by silica-gels:

Silica-gel is a chemical substance that is used in various environments to reduce or maintain humidity, and by absorbing the humidity of
 the environment, it prevents the effect of humidity on various materials. Silica-gel does not dissolve in water or any other solvent, is 
non-flammable and has the ability to absorb moisture up to 40% of its weight.

As can be seen in the figure below, moisture and vapor particles are absorbed through silica-gels and protect the car's wind system. 
One of the most important differences between high-quality and low-quality filters is the presence of silica-gel and the correct
 performance of the humidification process.


What problems arise if the air dryer filter ​​does not work properly?

  • The rusting of the valves can cause them to not work and, as a result, disrupt the operation of the wind system
  • The gradual erosion of the valves that causes heavy costs
  • Valves freezing in cold seasons and brake system not working

What are the characteristics of the air dryer filter manufactured by Unique Filter Company?

  • The shell is resistant to bursting and the peace of mind of uninterrupted operation of this filter in your car
  • High-quality moisture-absorbing materials and preventing damage and malfunctioning of the wind system
  • Maintaining the optimal performance of your car and preventing unwanted damage to the car's wind system and incurring repair costs.
  • It has quality assurance and warranty from Unique Filter company.

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